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A brain injury can have a major impact on every aspect of your life. New York City brain injury lawyers provide help to victims who sustained injuries affecting their brain. Because of the severity of brain injuries and the extensive array of different symptoms and limitations you can experience as a result of brain injury, it is imperative to understand the full extent of damage when making a claim against someone who caused your brain to suffer harm. Brain injury can affect mood, cognitive function, mobility, your senses, and more. As BBC explains, brain injury can also result in changes to your personality.

Brain Injury Can Cause Changes to Your Personality

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Brain injuries can occur in many different ways, including automobile accidents and slip and falls.  Whenever a brain injury occurs, it is important to understand the full extent of the damages and the costs and time associated with recovery. Recovering from a brain injury is often a long and arduous process that can be very expensive. New York City traumatic brain injury attorneys can provide insight into how you can pursue a claim for compensation for losses and damages if someone was responsible for causing your brain injury. A recent article in The Journal News highlighted some of the struggles brain injury patients go through as they try to recover. The story shared by the Journal News was about a 22-year-old who suffered traumatic brain injuries in a motor vehicle accident in New Rochelle. The young man was given just a three percent chance of surviving and a 10 percent chance of waking up from a coma. He did manage to survive the injuries, but his mother describes him as being “basically a newborn” as he must relearn everything he ever knew.

The Long Road to Recovery After a Brain Injury

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Scaffolding Accident Seriously Injures Woman Walking With Her Children 

BRONX, NEW YORK (February 24, 2017) – A scaffolding accident in the Bronx left a woman walking her two children seriously injured as she was walking in Norwood, according to NBC News. Paramedics rushed to the scene of the accident and came across a female pedestrian that was bleeding from the head. She was transported to the hospital in stable condition. The identity of the 39-year-old victim has not been released. Her two children did not appear to be harmed following the collapse. Authorities are still trying to determine what caused the collapse. The sidewalk was sectioned off as investigators tried to determine what happened. There may be liability of the owner of the premises where the accident took place on. This is one of the things that will come out after a thorough investigation.

Scaffolding Accident Seriously Injures Woman Walking With Her Children 

BRONX, NEW YORK (February 24, 2017) – A woman walking down the sidewalk on 3160 Webster Ave. near E. 205th St. in Norwood was seriously injured after a scaffold hit her in the head following heavy winds, according to NBC News. Emergency medical workers rushed to the scene of the accident and came across the woman and her two children. The two children did not appear to have been harmed by the fall. Police are continuing to investigate what happened. Scaffolding accidents can be caused my many different factors including failing to secure lose parts of the scaffolding. There may be liability on the owner of the premise for the accident. Brain injury accidents can be devastating for those that experience them. And the lasting impact of the accident may not be fully known for weeks or even months.

You've heard the saying “penny wise and pound foolish” -- but we don't often notice when people are guilty of this kind of misjudgment. It happens all the time in individual households, and it happens just as often in business. One of the biggest examples of this kind of irrational judgment revolves around issuing personal protective equipment (PPE) to workers. Federal regulators like the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration provide guidelines that include giving workers access to proper and appropriate safety gear according to the work activities that are expected to be done on the job. Some of the most common forms of PPE include:

  • Goggles
  • Hard hats or helmets
  • Work gloves
  • Steel-toed shoes or boots
  • Protective chemical suiting

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