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How a Bronx Woman Won $172 Million Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

On May 28, 2014, a Bronx woman won $172 million in damages for the brain injury she experienced as a result of medical malpractice. The jury announced the verdict after a three-week-long trial over a lawsuit that alleged that the victim had not been given timely and adequate medical treatment for a seizure that resulted in severe brain injuries. The plaintiff, Tiffany Applewhite, had been a straight-A student before the incident and had been preparing to apply to Manhattan’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School.

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Rehabilitation And Long-Term Costs of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is also known as acquired brain injury. It takes place when a jolt or blow to the head results in brain damage. TBIs can range from mild to severe. However, you should note that since brains are not alike, injuries related to the brain may also vary from one patient to another. This becomes challenging for the physician in terms of diagnosing specific deficits and determining the type of rehabilitation required.

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Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Cause Autoimmune Disease?

Traumatic brain injury is quite common in major accidents that involve a strong blow to the victim’s head. This type of an injury is often the cause of permanent disability. Data from the New York State Department of Health shows that every year, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is responsible for the death of more than 2000 persons living in the state.

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Causes, Recovery, and Rehab For Traumatic Brain Injury in NY

Brain injuries can have lifelong and far-reaching consequences. The emotional, physical, and cognitive-communicative impact of brain injuries can limit your earning potential greatly. It can also affect the quality of your life severely. Common causes for traumatic brain injuries include falls, vehicular crashes, assaults, and sports injuries. These types of injuries can range from minor concussions to permanent brain damage.Brain injuries can have lifelong and far-reaching consequences. It can also affect the quality of your life severely. Common causes for traumatic brain injuries include falls, vehicular crashes, assaults, and sports injuries. These types of injuries can range from minor concussions to permanent brain damage.

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Damages For Traumatic Brain Injury Accident in New York

Few things can be worse than suffering a traumatic brain injury in an accident. Depending on the severity of your injury, you might have to deal with lifelong physical and mental health problems and might never be able to lead a normal life again.

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Levels of Traumatic Brain Injury And What Type of Medical Care is Required

Accidents and other traumas are a leading cause of death for Americans between the age of 1 and 44. It can be difficult to hold on to a job or even carry out everyday chores when suffering from a brain injury. Also, not all brain injuries are similar. Some are mild whereas others can be very severe. Brain injuries don’t need to have an open wound to be considered serious.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Prognosis And Medical Care

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) take place every 21 seconds in the United States resulting in 50,000 deaths each year. Non-fatal TBI can often cause irreversible damage and permanent alterations to the brain. People with TBIs can suffer from emotional, mental, and physical problems for a long time after their injury.

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Accident Victims Beware: Injuries to the Brain Can Lead to Personality Changes

A brain injury can have a major impact on every aspect of your life. New York City brain injury lawyers provide help to victims who sustained injuries affecting their brain. Because of the severity of brain injuries and the extensive array of different symptoms and limitations you can experience as a result of brain injury, it is imperative to understand the full extent of damage when making a claim against someone who caused your brain to suffer harm. Brain injury can affect mood, cognitive function, mobility, your senses, and more. As BBC explains, brain injury can also result in changes to your personality.

Brain Injury Can Cause Changes to Your Personality

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Traumatic Brain Injury: The Long Road to Recovery for NY Brain Injury Patients

Brain injuries can occur in many different ways, including automobile accidents and slip and falls.  Whenever a brain injury occurs, it is important to understand the full extent of the damages and the costs and time associated with recovery. Recovering from a brain injury is often a long and arduous process that can be very expensive. New York City traumatic brain injury attorneys can provide insight into how you can pursue a claim for compensation for losses and damages if someone was responsible for causing your brain injury. A recent article in The Journal News highlighted some of the struggles brain injury patients go through as they try to recover. The story shared by the Journal News was about a 22-year-old who suffered traumatic brain injuries in a motor vehicle accident in New Rochelle. The young man was given just a three percent chance of surviving and a 10 percent chance of waking up from a coma. He did manage to survive the injuries, but his mother describes him as being “basically a newborn” as he must relearn everything he ever knew.

The Long Road to Recovery After a Brain Injury

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