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The brachial plexus is nothing but a group of nerves that run between the shoulders and spine, which play an important role in controlling the movement of muscles in the hands, shoulders, and arms. Damage to these important nerves can occur when your physician fails to provide proper obstetrical care. Brachial plexus injuries in a newborn are more often than not devastating.

Brachial plexus injuries are common in child birth wherein the baby sustains irreversible damage due to medical negligence. These nerves are commonly injured during childbirth for more than one reason:

Brachial injuries in a newborn can be classified into various forms:

Listed below are a few factors that increase the risk of brachial plexus injuries during childbirth:

Symptoms of brachial injuries in a newborn

The following symptoms of brachial plexus injuries may be noticed immediately, or soon, after childbirth:

What is the main difference between Klumpke’s palsy and Erb’s palsy?

While both forms result from brachial plexus injuries, there is a difference between Klumpke’s palsy and Erb’s palsy. Injuries to the lower brachial plexus nerves can cause paralysis and is known as Klumpke’s palsy. This usually affects only the hand. On the other hand, the baby is diagnosed with Erb’s palsy when the upper brachial plexus sustains injuries and is paralyzed. This generally affects both the arm and shoulder.

Brachial injuries in a newborn can be devastating and call for long term medical care. Often one parent may need to take time off work to tend to their child suffering from the repercussions of the injury.

The treatment too, is often expensive and will need multiple visits to the hospital and also rehabilitation. This is why it is prudent for a victim’s family to file a lawsuit to claim compensation for lost wages, physical pain, and suffering, mental or emotional pain, and future lost income.

And, like all medical negligence cases, brachial injuries are rather complex in nature and also replete with opportunities for the party responsible to avoid liability.

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