Most medical malpractice cases are not about complicated surgical procedures, and in fact are to do with minor procedures that go horribly wrong because the doctor was unaware of the consequences of such procedure or did not have the right knowledge about the implants used in the procedure. Here is a case of a young person in New York who suffered extensive emotional and physical trauma because the doctor did not know what he was doing and failed to provide the required standard of care.

Nothing had Changed

A young man, 37 years old, had difficulty in passing urine, consulted a urologist, who told him the problem could be fixed with a simple surgical procedure. The doctor said that there was buildup of scar tissue in the urethra, which would have to be scraped off. The urethra is the tube in the penis that allows the urine to flow out. The patient went ahead and had the procedure done, but within a few weeks, he was suffering from the exact same issue.

The urologist examines the patient, admits the scar tissue has grown back, and now recommends a different procedure, which involves inserting a mesh stent in the urethra for holding it open. The mesh was supposed to prevent the scar tissue from forming, and the patient will not have any problems urinating. Again, the patient agrees, and undergoes a minor surgical procedure, which takes only a few minutes to perform.

However, after the procedure, the patient experiences much more pain and is unable to control his urination. The doctor says that it is a fantastic indication, since the urine is now able to flow out without any problem. Nevertheless, the patient says, he is experiencing excruciating pain whenever he has an erection. The urologist tells the patient not to worry, and simply prescribes some pain medications.

Horrendous Pain

The pain only increases and at one point the pain is so intense, that the patient even contemplates suicide. The patient again goes back to the urologist, who now recommends manipulating the mesh, to position it at a better place in the urethra. However, this mesh stent is not supposed to be moved, as it is designed to let the skin of the urethra grow around it. When the doctor tries to move the mesh, it all comes apart as the skin had already grown over it. The urologist then recommends placing another stent further down the urethra.

However, the condition of the patient deteriorates much further, and he ultimately consults another urologist, who is shocked at the damage caused by the procedures that were not supposed to be done. In fact, firstly, the particular mesh stent is only supposed to be used in older patients, and secondly it is never supposed to be moved.

The procedures had caused such extensive damage, that the new urologist had to do a complete restructuring of the patient's urethra. Secondly, while doing the restructuring, the urine had to be rerouted, and the doctor had to make a small hole between the anus and scrotum of the patient for the urine to pass.

No Operation should be Taken for Granted

This shows that even a minor procedure can cause extensive physical injury and immense emotional trauma to the patient, when it is not done properly and the wrong implant is used.


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