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As most parents await the most precious moment of birth of a newborn, the deliveries of new babies generally go smoothly. Sometimes, pregnancies can get complicated due to various reasons often resulting in birth injuries or birth defects. If as a new parent in the state of New York, you have been a victim of such a horrible situation, then you ought to know your legal rights to protect yourself and your new-born baby.

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The New England Journal of Medicine reports that almost one third of all deliveries in the US are conducted via cesarean-section. During a c-section, a delivery passage in created in the mother's abdomen through incisions to aid the child delivery.

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When the father of a girl who was born with birth defects sued the federal government for medical malpractice, the courts dismissed it based on the Feres doctrine. For New York readers who are not aware, the Feres doctrine keeps members of the armed forces and their families from filing injury claims against the federal government when the injuries occur during military duty.

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The team of medical experts involved in the birth of a child carries the critical responsibility of ensuring suitable health and safety of the mother and child. Many birth injury cases is traced back to negligence by the medical team during or just before delivery.

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For years, researchers have been investigating something called the "weekend effect," which appears to show that patients who are admitted to the hospital on weekends experience poorer outcomes than those that go in on weekdays. The phenomenon has been observed in various industrialized areas of the world, so it might occur in New York. Now, a new obstetrics study published in The BMJ adds support to the controversial claim.

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