Even minor aviation safety incidents are carefully tracked and documented, and get a lot of public attention as FAA heads and other public officials look at increasing safety for air travel. One example is a procedural mistake at New York’s La Guardia airport, where CNN affiliates reported February 15 on a kind of ‘fender-bender’ between a Delta Airlines plane and one of the trucks de-icing the airplanes. Although no injuries were reported, the flight was delayed and other safety precautions were taken.

Airport Safety Precautions

The response to even one of these minor incidents shows how seriously airport officials take the issue of an on-site accident. There’s also the issue of public response — these kinds of incidents get a lot of web hits when they are posted online. For some, there’s almost an obsession with keeping track of what’s happening in air travel, where passengers have to travel without a practical level of control. For example, the widespread report of the ‘post-crash selfie’ at Philadelphia’s international airport illustrates how much public attention is given to an incident that happens on airport grounds. Although air safety is a major issue, there are many other kinds of transportation where many of us take safety for granted. As pointed out in numerous studies, air travel is, statistically, much safer than other means of transportation. One over-riding example is the wide range of dangers that drivers and passengers must put up with on the American roadway. From drunk driving and distracted driving to other kinds of major public safety issues, staying safe on the road requires practical and sensible thinking, defensive and deliberate driving, and a certain level of awareness and concentration.

A New York City Back Injury Law Firm: The Relevance of Back Injury Lawyers

Another reason that even minor transportation impacts are taken so seriously is because it takes a surprisingly small amount of pressure to cause back injuries such as whiplash and soft tissue damage. For example, with both small and larger vehicles, a lack of evident damage to the vehicle structure does not rule out personal injury. Some subtle injuries can take time to surface, but can still cause life-long conditions and loss of mobility. This is where a New York City back injury law firm will look carefully at a personal injury case, to make sure that those impacted are who are getting what they need for long-term care. Professional injury lawyers also make sure that their clients know how to proceed with building a personal injury case, for example, with quick and unbiased medical attention. Personal injury lawyers understand the ways that insurance companies and other parties protect themselves against liability, where limitations and restrictions can sometimes mean personal injury victims lose out in court.

Getting Legal Help From a Qualified New York City Back Injury Law Firm

Residents of the five boroughs and nearby areas can turn to the New York City personal injury attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff for qualified, professional assistance on personal injury or death cases. We work tirelessly for New York families to help secure the compensation that injury victims deserve. Let us help you to access your rights under the law.


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