Warnings against skipping PSA testing

Now, a new study published in American Cancer Society's journal Cancer, warns of the dangers of doing away with PSA testing. The new study asserts that without routine PSA testing, approximately 17,000 men would learn they had prostate cancer at the late metastatic stage, when it is less curable. This delayed diagnosis could cause many deaths.

The study compared data on prostate cancer cases from 1983 to 1985, before PSA testing started, to more recent data from 2006 to 2008 when screening for PSA was common. Researchers looked at the rates of metastatic prostate cancer during these different time periods. In 2008, the researchers noted that 8,000 men were diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer with no previous prostate cancer diagnose. Using a mathematical formula, they estimated that without screening, 25,000 men would be diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer. Therefore, they concluded that there would be 17,000 more late-stage diagnosis' if men did not continue to be screened.

Many doctors and others involved in this study assert that PSA testing should continue to be routinely performed because it can catch the cancer early enough to possibly prevent death. It is recommended that men make an educated decision about PSA testing and speak with their doctors about the possible risks and complications as well as the risks of skipping testing.

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